Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Get Together Ideas Needed

This weekend I am having a group of girls ages 13-18 over my house for a get together. I thought we would do something in the kitchen. Do you have a recipe that is fun, quick and easy that 7-10 people can participate in.....I need ideas! Or do you have a fun activity idea that is about half hour to 45-minutes long?
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L.Ritterbush said...

They could all make their own personal pizzas. Purchase Grand Biscuits, they then flatten those out to make little individual pizzas. Buy some creative and regular toppings and they can create their own masterpiece. Since it will be quite cool this weekend you could also bake different kinds of cookies and decorate them.

Kristy said...

Ohhh, I LOVE mini-pizzas - my mom let us do that when I was growing up for birthday sleepovers! We'd do that, watch Pretty Woman and/or Dirty Dancing, and drink root beer floats :)