Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello....yes, this is my first blog. I am not quite sure how to do this but I do have a question. Do you have a dream that you would like to see fufilled? Music, theatre, modeling, seeing someone famous? I would like to help you realize that dream. let me know what it is at and I will do my level best to see if I can help. Obviously, I can't help everyone at once but I will try for the first five people who respond. Hoping to give you a piece of the good life...Peggy Malzacher

Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Leashes!

There was a time when I thought baby leashes (or - the more PC term would be Child Safety Harness) were awful! I mean really - you put your child on a leash people - thats horrible! However, having an almost 14 month old child - completely changes my opinion on this topic! Ella runs EVERYWHERE!! She no longer tolerates the shopping cart - and wants to run willy nilly throughout the stores! The other day, I put her down in Target thinking it would stop her from crying - which was a BIG MISTAKE! She instantly stopped crying - and instead began running! As I was chasing her, (smiling cautiously as other parents watched nearby) I kept thinking to myself, "I need a baby leash!!"
Yes - It goes against everything I used to believe in - but I think it is a necessary purchase! What do you think? Do you own a "baby leash?" What do you think when you see parents using them?

Eli Young Band and Made in Nebraska

I saw the Eli Young band at U-N-L last Thursday. Aaron Watson opened and got the crowd ready. The "Honky Tonk" kid comes from Texas but plays in Lincoln quite a bit and has a following here. He played for almost an hour and a half and kept the students lively. The Eli Young Band followed it up with a good night. Although there were several technical difficulties, it was great to hear hits like "When it Rains" and my personal favorite, "Always the Love Songs". The Eli Young Band will be back in Lincoln in November when they open up for Jack Ingram and Gary Allan.

If you have a chance, check out the first annual Harvest Fest of Ale in Kearney. It's a great way to support local breweries and should be fun for all involved. It's awesome to celebrate things in our own backyard. ----Zach

Friday, September 25, 2009

Convicted Dog Abuser Sentenced to Probation

If you haven't heard about this story here is a brief update:

A judge sentenced Denise Withee to five years of probation for her role in the death of 23 dogs near Grand Island in July 2008. She was convicted in July 2009 on 3 counts of felony animal neglect and abandonment. Withee was also ordered to seek psychiatric care and is not allowed to own any dogs while on probation. If she violates her probation, she will spend 180 days in jail.

My thoughts on this one: this woman obviously has mental issues. Would jail help her in this situation? I love animals - and what she did (mental issues or not) is no excuse. However, I'm not sure jail time will give her the help she needs. I think the judge was correct in this situation. Obviously this is a heated debate among viewers, and we would love to know your opinions! Leslie...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Concert fun

When the cold weather begins, it's kind of a sign the concert season is almost over :( But there are some shows left. On Tuesday night, rock group Tantric took to the stage at the Garage in Kearney. They put on a great show and performed all their hits. It was a step back for me as I last saw them when I was in high school. Lead singer Hugo shook my hand back then(almost ten years ago) and I then was able to talk to him again at the Garage show. Good to see them still performing and it's great to see national acts coming to Kearney!

Tonight as part of the homecoming festivities, U-N-L brings in the Eli Young band and Aaron Watson. I'm pumped for Eli Young, I love their song Love Songs. Let us know if you see the show and I'll also give a review later.

The Ketchup Monster! all may know I like to talk about my baby girl (no longer a baby - almost 14 months) ALL the time. Well this time, I need your help! She has started to become a very picky eater. She would live off of whole milk, applesauce and bread if I let her. Last night I found out - she will eat her chicken - if I put a little bit of ketchup on it first. Now, tell me - am I creating a ketchup monster? Is it a bad idea to let her have ketchup? If you watch the show, you may know I am a HUGE fan of the delicious sugary/tomato substance. However, I know it's not the healthiest substance for an almost 14 month old. What should I do? Please let me know your tips!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogs across the country!

Here is a link to several blogs websites to get you started. Tell us about your blog - we would love to read it!!

Kettle Corn!!

We received two bags of kettle corn from Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch this morning. Very delicious - but, addictive!! When there's free food at NTV - we like to eat! I can hear crunching throughout the newsroom!!

Getting Started!

NTV's Good Life wants to share our ideas of the show with you! We are starting a blog to find out what you like about Good Life! We want you to join us in this new adventure!