Friday, September 25, 2009

Convicted Dog Abuser Sentenced to Probation

If you haven't heard about this story here is a brief update:

A judge sentenced Denise Withee to five years of probation for her role in the death of 23 dogs near Grand Island in July 2008. She was convicted in July 2009 on 3 counts of felony animal neglect and abandonment. Withee was also ordered to seek psychiatric care and is not allowed to own any dogs while on probation. If she violates her probation, she will spend 180 days in jail.

My thoughts on this one: this woman obviously has mental issues. Would jail help her in this situation? I love animals - and what she did (mental issues or not) is no excuse. However, I'm not sure jail time will give her the help she needs. I think the judge was correct in this situation. Obviously this is a heated debate among viewers, and we would love to know your opinions! Leslie...

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cindy.jacoby said...

I am an animal lover, I have dogs and cats and there is NO way would I ever let somebody hurt them. This Lady that beglected and abandoned her dogs along side the road should be punished to the fullest amount possible. Then while in jail she needs to be treated the same way, abandoned and fully abused and she how she likes it, because she has a voice and animals can't fully tell us what is wrong. Thanks for the good work girl, keep it up.