Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Leashes!

There was a time when I thought baby leashes (or - the more PC term would be Child Safety Harness) were awful! I mean really - you put your child on a leash people - thats horrible! However, having an almost 14 month old child - completely changes my opinion on this topic! Ella runs EVERYWHERE!! She no longer tolerates the shopping cart - and wants to run willy nilly throughout the stores! The other day, I put her down in Target thinking it would stop her from crying - which was a BIG MISTAKE! She instantly stopped crying - and instead began running! As I was chasing her, (smiling cautiously as other parents watched nearby) I kept thinking to myself, "I need a baby leash!!"
Yes - It goes against everything I used to believe in - but I think it is a necessary purchase! What do you think? Do you own a "baby leash?" What do you think when you see parents using them?

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Lori Klein said...

I felt the same way as you!! However....Now a parent of a 2 1/2 year old and 15 month old twins I am going to buy 2 more!!! I bought one already because my daughter likes to take off also. I figure that using a leash is better than the alternative! This day in age any one or any thing could happen to our little ones and I feel better being able to have them right by my side. I think this gives them the feeling of some freedom and us as parents a sense of peace! Good luck with your little one!! It is fun seeing the pictures of her growing. She is just a month younger than my boys so it is fun to see how she grows with them!
Lori Klein (Merna)