Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obesity Under Fire

This morning on the Good Life Leslie and I talked about an ABC story that put parents of obese children on notice (that their child's BMI-Body Mass Index, was too high.) My comment, Peggy speaking here is; government or organizations should not have a say in our private lives. However, if government were to be involved on any level, I believe they do have a say with those who receive public assistance. Go to about obese children to get more of the story.

Let us know your thoughts.


NTV's Good Life said...

It should be noted - the child in the picture was from the original article posted on abcnews. This was the "obese" child from the story. Click the link below to read the specific story.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Government out of my and my childrens lives.

Deb Tresner said...

If the government wants to do something about childhood obesity, they should start with their own school lunch programs! Most school lunches consist of one thing.....beige food! (BLECH!!!)