Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deal of the week!

I've been talking about the double K-mart coupon deals for a few days now - so, I think they qualify for the deals of the week! Check out this blog: - for some of the deals being found at the Kearney K-mart. If you haven't done so yet - it might be worth your time to browse through a few coupon sites. K-mart will double your coupons this week only..(ends this weekend) on 2 dollar or under coupons. I've been able to get free body wash, cheap make-up, diapers etc!

If you've found anything great this week - let us know!!


Jo Dubbs said...

I am an avid "couponer" and would like to suggest you take a long stroll thru the site "". It lists over 200 pages of coupon items and some go out as far as 12/2010.Also a couple more fairly good sites;as well as;;and Some really good ones on these sites. Jo Dubbs

NTV's Good Life said...

Jo - thanks for the information!! I'll make sure to check these out!