Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are homosexuals born gay?

Alright. Today on Good Life we had a discussion about the possibility of the first Lesbian woman being voted into office as Mayor of Houston. (It's now going into a run off as neither City controller Annise Parker or former city attorney Gene Locke received 50% of the vote. The new election will be held next month..)

My thoughts on this...(if you watched the show you already know) vote for the person you think is the best candidate - regardless of sexual orientation, etc..etc. Peggy, however, said she would never vote for a homosexual individual. During our discussion after the show - this question was brought up. Are you born gay? Let me know what your thoughts are on this one!! Leslie...

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NTV's Good Life said...

I would like to mention, on this morning's show, I said;my morals and politics go hand in hand therefore, I am unable to vote for someone like Annise Parker because of her moral view. This is not to say she wouldn't be a good candidate, I simply could not vote for her because of my own concious.