Monday, February 15, 2010

Budget is going well!

OK! It's week 3 of our new budget, and it's not going so badly. We are doing OK with our grocery cash - (I'm trying to find as many good deals/coupons as I can to stretch our dollar..) - but we have ran out of "going out to eat" money. Oh well - it's better for us to eat at home anyway.

I have surprised myself with how much work I was able to get done this week! Since we no longer have cable - I've kept busy doing housework, which made "cleaning day Saturday" a breeze! Kyle and I have watched our favorite shows via the internet - and even watched a free movie from So good.

So, do you guys have any other money saving tips for us? I would love to hear your thoughts. Big thanks to - for all your great tips and deals. Laura - we'll have to have you back on the show. Perhaps we will follow you to the grocery store to see you in action! :)


Steve White said...

Hulu is cool, isn't it? If you have Netflix, I'd suggest you invest in a little box called the Roku Player. It's about $100 and lets you watch Netflix movies instantly on your TV. It's not every movie, but the selection is good and growing. It's like pay-per-view without cable!

L.Ritterbush said...

That would be quite interesting having a camera crew following me around:) I would definitely want to make sure it's definitely a good deal week! My first class in GI CCC went really well and I'm looking forward to the next one in Kearney! I'd love to come back anytime...just let me know what people would like to learn:)