Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fanny Pack...written by Larry Doran

Two lovely ladies, both younger than me,
Were just sitting there, chatting , on my local TV.
NTV’s “Good Life”, their fun morning show,
Had only been on a few minutes or so.

It was all very cordial and ‘til one of them said,
Something astounding, that created such dread,
It immediately generated such shock and awe,
That it made Leslie Means drop her pretty young jaw!

Was it a vicious, diabolical attack?
Why, no, it was just a simple statement of fact.
While attending such outings as the local state fair,
Peggy Malzacher commented on what she might wear.

A simple device to protect things she took,
Like her cell phone, her car keys, or maybe a book.
But no matter how useful was that accessory,
It got no respect from the dark-haired Leslie.

She gasped and sputtered, alas and alack,
She could not believe Peggy’d wear a fanny-pack!
But Peggy insisted again and again,
That the fanny-pack was now back in style once again!

Leslie wouldn’t wear one, even under her coat!
And she asked all her viewers, against it to vote!
Zach Richie joined in saying he’d vote a’gin it,
And I became anxious to see who would win it.

Peggy said it was worn by the big star, Rihanna,
Leslie said “I don’t care, I sure ain’t gonna!”
Now I'm not too sure how this will all end,
But I’m glad Peggy and Leslie and Zach are good friends!

A fanny-pack may not adorn this old bod,
I don't really hate 'em, even though they look odd.
But I’ll tell you this much, no matter how much they nag,
You’ll never see this old boy with a “Man-Bag!”

Larry & Karen Doran
"The Mellow D's"
(402) 724-2474

Thanks Larry!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

This made me laugh ,thanks Larry,like it. Sorry Peggy had to vote No No on fanny pack !
Raymie :)