Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The cable is now shut off..

It's day two with no cable in the Kyle, Leslie, Ella and baby number two household. I'm not going to lie - yesterday was an adjustment. Let me start by saying - I know this sounds somewhat pathetic. No one really NEEDS TV - (which is something I shouldn't promote considering I am the co-host of a morning talk show) but, it's true. As a kid - I never had cable television. When I watched TV as a young girl - it was always on channel 29 watching either Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow. As a pre-teen/teen it was Full House, The Cosby Show - and yes, news. Other than the occasional Murder She Wrote or Days of our Lives (yes, I watched these with my mom) the television set wasn't on. I grew up as a very happy, active child with plenty of things to do besides watch TV. But then...I went to college - and everything changed. I was hooked to MTV, the Food Network all the great movies etc. Cable, I thought, was awesome!! And...the rest is history.

Last night was a big change for me. I got home in the afternoon, and didn't even know how to turn the television on! This is REALLY pathetic considering I work in TV - and told people for months how the digital conversion boxes work. So..I couldn't watch anything until my husband got home from work - just in time to watch The Bachelor. Kyle had a game last night, which meant it was just me, Ella and our 7 channels. One of which, was on one of my favorite shows - The Bachelor. Without DVR - I was almost at a loss for words! Every time Ella needed something - I had to miss my show! (and...she needed things A LOT!) I could no longer pause the TV - tend to her needs, and then get back to watching TV. It seemed I couldn't get enough done during commercial breaks! How did I function before this magnificent invention?

Then it hit me. I really don't need TV - I was being a bit pathetic. I had to keep saying in my head the quote out of Dave Ramsey's Book: The Total Money Makeover. "Live like no one else now, so that you can live like no one else later."

It's tough - but it's true. I don't need cable, I don't need DVR. I am saving money - so in the long run I can live like no one else. I'll leave you with another quote I found from a new blog I stumbled upon today called, http://www.livingrichwithcoupons.com/

“The amount of money you have has nothing to do with what you earn. People earning a million dollars a year can have no money and people earning $35,000 a year can be quite well off. It’s not what you earn, it’s what you spend.” -Paul Clitheroe
Until next time... Leslie :)

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