Monday, February 22, 2010

Coupon Sites

I have had several requests to post my favorite coupon sites! So - here they are. My top two are the ones I go to the most. Good Deals is from a Kearney mom - who searches through ads for the best deals in our area! The second is a national blog - but, I also frequent this one often. Let me know if you've found any other great sites!! I love saving money!! :) Leslie.


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Jessica Goosic said...

Here are some of my favorite sites:

A Lincoln-based blog:

A national site:

Some of the companies that have coupons with

A baby site - they list the top formula & diaper deals each week:

Also, many people don't know that in most stores you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for extra savings... For example, right now at, click on "grocery coupons" at the bottom of the page. They have a coupon for $1.00 off of Kraft cheese. I printed 2 of these & combined it with a $1.00 off 2 Kraft cheeses coupon that I had printed a few weeks ago. My total savings is then $1.50 off each package of cheese.

Another tip is combining Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons. I have a coupon for Buy 1 package of Oreos, get 1 package of Oreos cakesters free. I can combine that with a coupon I have for $.50 off a package of Oreos so I get $.50 off the Oreos and also the free package of Cakesters.